Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Midsummers Salad

One of the best thing Denise makes is a great salad! And she always serves it at the end of her meal, a fabulous and French way to cleanse your palette and digest your meal. It leaves you feeling fresh and light.
The best time to really enjoy this great salad is none other than the summer. 
The classic 2:1 proportion of oil:acid always works. But this time, she did out do herself entirely. She made me a colorful salad with Wasabi Oil and Ginger Vinegar. Both of these ingredients were bought at Sid Weiners in New Bedford, MA and the trek out there or delivery charges if you buy online are VERY worth the effort. A large warehouse store that wholesales to restaurants all over the country and retails online and in their store, Sid Weiners really surprise you with their ingredients.
Our trip up to their store last week was excited with their new selection of maple syrup and the ones we bought were Maple Ginger and Maple Spice. The spice in the Maple Spice is very much like a chai spice.
Back to the salad…
My version of it was raw spinach, radicchio, lettuce, radish, roasted beets, cucumber and steamed broccoli, tossed with 1/2 tsp wasabi oil, 1 tbsp ginger vinegar with salt and pepper.
Go nuts, go summer and have some fun with your salads!

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